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At our company, we understand what goes on with your air conditioner with our unique climate. Talk about being put through the paces. Your AC unit has to withstand punishing conditions, and you rely heavily on it to keep working. This is why proper and adequate maintenance is critical for your home or business HVAC.

Many homeowners think all is well when their air conditioners are churning out cold air. The fact is that a knowledgeable contractor understands that wear and tear starts small and continues to build. In time, parts begin to slowly degrade until that critical point is reached with catastrophic failure. Besides, do you know enough about your AC unit to take care of it? Do you know where to look for problems and how to identify them?


The smart approach is to prevent problems before they get out of control. You also want to have a contractor come out and inspect your system early-on before the hottest months arrive. Obviously, spotting problems and taking proactive measures to fix them is the best way to go. That way, when it gets blazing hot you will enjoy all your air conditioner has to offer with no hassles. On the other hand, if you delay then you may have to contact Air Conditioning Repair Las Vegas during an urgent need for service.
Here is a small sampling of potential problems we can prevent:

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

• The proven way to prevent costly repairs is with an annual inspection. A qualified and properly trained Professional knows how to identify potential problems. This is actually a solid investment that saves you money and headaches.


• For instance, one common problem concerns the condenser fan motor. And what happens is the fan should be spinning but it is not. The  unit will be stuck and make awful noises. Our team understands split systems inside-out and knows what to look for in this situation.


• Another fail-condition we see is the air coming out of the vents is not cold – it’s hot or warm at best. Freon is the chemical gas that makes cold air in your unit. There are many scenarios in which the Freon is depleted and often times it is a leak. Your air conditioner is not static and it vibrates when running. So it is normal for things to work themselves loose such as fittings, etc. During an inspection, a trained technician will check for loose footings, caps, and checking that everything is in order.


• Then there are problems that affect your electrical system and circuit breakers can trip. The compressor unit can fail and put a tremendous electrical load on your home. Then it will overheat and work even harder which draws power until breakers start tripping. This is yet another area in which problems can be prevented.

Air Conditioning


• Control issues are a totally different area, and these involve your thermostat and where you control system operations. Electronic problems sometimes occur, and one symptom is a blank screen on your controller. Obviously, you are dead in the water should this happen and a professional has to come in.


• In the even your system or unit locks-up, then you are looking at multiple causes. The motor may have failed; the coil inside the unit could be dirty; or Freon levels may be depleted. These and more conditions can be addressed by one of our certified professionals.

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